Vasthu Shanti Puja

Puja Description

Vastu Shanti Puja is performed to Vastu purush who is the God of the five elements of nature and directions. He is considered to be the protector of the house. By performing this puja, the house is blessed with harmony, comfort and prosperity. It removes all the Vastu doshas surrounding the house. All the evil and negative forces surrounding the house are eradicated.


Removes all the negative and evil forces surrounding the house or office

Eradicates all the doshas

Positivity and harmony is restored

When to Perform this Puja?

The puja is performed as per the Vastu time that occurs in a maximum of two times in a month

Advantages of this Puja:

Blessed the house or office with harmony and prosperity

Protects from all the natural calamities

Bestows positive vibes by removing all the negative and evil forces

Puja Cost

₹ 9,999/- onwards

Puja Material

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