Sri Rahu-Ketu Dosha Nivarana Puja

Puja Description

Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets. The movements of the planets are interrelated and they are opposite to each other. If all the planets in a person?s birth chart come within a Semi circle made between Rahu and Ketu, it is considered to be bad and called as Kala Sharpa Yoga. With Rahu Ketu Dosha, it obstructs all the good things in one?s life. Irrespective of the preventative actions taken, it always brings problems in life
.Significance:Performing the Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarana removes all the ill effects of the planets in our lives It helps bring prosperity and positivity It removes all the obstacles in our lives When to perform this Puja? Monday is considered the best day to perform this PujaAdvantages of this Puja:Eradicates all the ill effects of the planets Removes all the roadblocks in our lives Grants success in all our tasks Puja Cost Puja Material: Two pieces of Cloths: Red and Black Kumkum Manjal Coconuts Flowers Betel Leaves Turmeric powder Lemons White Urad dal Black sesame seeds

Puja Cost

₹ 3,109/- onwards

Puja Material

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