Simha Dwara Puja

Puja Description

The primary passageway entryway that we use to come into the home or go out is a principle passageway of the house and is designated "Simha Dwara Puja". The passageway of the home can change our lives every day. On the off chance that we stroll to the correct way, we will have a decent life ahead. In the event that we picked the incorrect way, we might be face inconveniences in our lives. People perform Simha Dwara Puja to acquire great outcomes throughout everyday life. The pillars of the house are places in 'Esanyam', 'Niruti', 'Agnaeyam', 'Vayuvyam' corners. Aside from these four it could be partitioned into nine even parts. These nine sections are viewed as the places of "Navagrahalu". Each heading has a 'Manushya dwaram' called. Human traffic should be through these passageways not through 'devata dwaram' or 'pasu dwaram'. When Simha Dwaram is being built it ought to be situated in the position that is allocated to it and no place else.

Puja Cost

₹ 2,499/- onwards

Puja Material

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