Sahasra Lingarchana

Puja Description

Sahasra Lingarchana is one of a kind ritual to worship a Lord Shiva by the name of ?Uma Pardhiveswara? According to our Shiva maha puranam, it is said Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi live in kailasham which is encompassed by 16 Avaranas this puja is performed by organizing 1,116 lingas as kailasha prastharam which is the portrayal of Shiva Kailasham with 16 avaranas and each avarana contains a lot of rudra Swaroopa devata ganas. There is a well-characterized name of each aavarana and the respective devata ganas in the Sahasra Lingarchana kalpam. Devotees lounge around this arrangement to pray and chant Shiva Shakti is invoked into every Shiva lingam through vedic mantras during Shodasa Aavarana puja and worshiped with devotion and bhakti to look for the blessings of Uma Pardhiveswara Swamy for health, wealth, prosperity and extreme mukthi. Sahsra Lingarchana puja is said to give the reults equivalent to any pilgrimage.

Puja Cost

₹ 9,999/- onwards

Puja Material

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