Nitya Archana (Daily Archana)

Puja Description

Archana is a personal mode of offering your prayers to God or Goddess performed by temple priests by chanting specific slokas and mantras for the deity, to seek answers for your prayers. As per the custom, the name,gothram (God gothram will be consideredif there is no information) and birth star are recited while chanting the Vedic mantras which carries your prayers to the deity.

Puja Cost


Puja Material

Material Name Units
Turmeric Powder (పసుపు) 100 gm
Kumkuma (కుంకుమ) 150 gm
Incence Sticks (అగర్బత్తి) 1 packet
Harathi Karpooram (హారతి కర్పూరం) 50 gm
Match box (అగ్గి పెట్టె) 1
Flowers (పువ్వులు) 1/2 kg
Bananas (అరటి పండ్లు) 2 dozen
Coconut(కొబ్బరి కాయలు) 1
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