What are the 32 manifestations of Ganesha ??

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The Remover of All Obstacles (Avighna), the Lord of all Gods (Ganapati), and the Bestowed of Success (Siddhivinayaka) - Lord Ganesha is worshiped in many forms or roopas .

  1. Bala Ganapati - Bala Ganapati is "the Childlike" God with golden hue. He holds a banana, mango, sugar cane and jackfruit in his arms, all representing the earth's abundance and fertility. His trunk garners his favorite sweet, the modaka.
  2. Taruna Ganapati-, "the Youthful," holds a noose and goad, modaka, wood apple, rose apple, His broken tusk, a sprig of paddy and a sugar cane stalk in his eight arms. His brilliant red color reflects the blossoming of youth.
  3. Bhakti Ganapati - Shining like the full moon during harvest season and garlanded with flowers - Bhakti Ganapati is dear to devotees, is indeed pleasant to look upon. He holds a banana, a mango, coconut and a bowl of sweet payasa.
  4. Vira Ganapati - The "Valiant Warrior, assumes a commanding pose. His 16 arms bristle with weapons, symbols of mind powers: a goad, discus, bow, arrow, sword, shield, spear, mace, a battleaxes, a trident and more.
  5. Shakti Ganapati - Four-armed and seated with one of his shakti’s on his knee - Shakti Ganapati, "the Powerful," with orange-red hue, guards the householder. He holds a garland, noose and goad, and bestows blessings with the abhaya mudra.
  6. Dvija Ganapati - Four-headed Dvija Ganapati, "the Twice-born," is moon-like in color. Holding a noose, a goad, an ola leaf scripture, a staff, water vessel and japa beads, He reminds one and all of the urgency for disciplined striving.
  7. Siddhi Ganapati – Golden - yellow Siddhi Ganapati, "the Accomplished," is the epitome of achievement and self-mastery. He sits comfortably holding a bouquet of flowers, an axe, mango, sugar cane and in his trunk he holds a tasty sesame sweet.
  8. Ucchhishta Ganapati - "Lord of Blessed Offerings" and guardian of culture. He possess blue complexion and six-armed. He sits with his Shakti, holding a veena, pomegranate, blue lotus flower, japa mala and a sprig of fresh paddy.
  9. Vighna Ganapati - "Lord of Obstacles," is of brilliant gold hue and bedecked in jewels. His eight arms hold a noose and goad, tusk and modaka, conch and discus, a bouquet of flowers, sugar cane, flower arrow and an axe.
  10. Kshipra Ganapati - Handsome and red - hued Kshipra Ganapati is "Quick-acting" giver of boons, he displays broken tusk, a noose, goad and a sprig of the kalpavriksha (wish-fulfilling) tree. In his uplifted trunk he holds a tiny pot of precious jewels.
  11. Heramba Ganapati - Five-faced, white in color, Heramba Ganapati is "Protector of the Weak," and rides a big lion. He extends the gestures of protection and blessing while holding a noose, japa beads, axe, hammer, tusk, garland, fruit and modaka.
  12. Lakshmi Ganapati - is pure white giver of success, sits flanked by Wisdom and Achievement. Gesturing varada mudra, He holds a green parrot, a pomegranate, sword, goad, noose, sprig of kalpavriksha and a water vessel.
  13. Maha Ganapati - Accompanied by one of His shaktis, "the Great," Maha Ganapati, is red-complexioned and three-eyed. He holds his tusk, a pomegranate, blue lily, sugar-cane bow, discus, noose, lotus, paddy sprig, mace and a pot of gems.
  14. Vijaya Ganapati – Four armed with red hue and riding on resourceful mushika, Vijaya Ganapati is "the Victorious" bestowed of success. His insignia are the broken tusk, elephant goad, a noose and a luscious golden mango (his favorite fruit).
  15. Nritya Ganapati - The happy "Dancer," Nritya Ganapati, is four armed and golden, with rings on His fingers, holding a tusk, goad, noose and modaka sweet. He prances under the kalpavriksha tree, epitomizing exuberant activity and joy.
  16. Urdhva Ganapati - Seated with one of his shaktis on his left knee, Urdhva Ganapati is "the Elevated" Lord of golden hue. In his six hands he holds a sprig of paddy, a lotus, the sugar cane bow, an arrow, His ivory tusk and a blue water lily.
  17. Ekakshara Ganpati - "Single-Syllable" (gam), is three-eyed, with red complexion and attire. Crescent moon on his crown, He sits in lotus pose upon Mushika, offers the boon-giving gesture and holds a pomegranate, noose and goad.
  18. Varada Ganapati - "the Boon-Giver with prominent third eye of wisdom, holds a dish of honey, the noose and goad and encloses a pot of jewels in his trunk. His shakti is at His side, and the crescent moon adorns his crown.
  19. Tryakshara Ganapati - "Lord of Three Letters" (A-U-M), is gold in color and has fly whisks in his big floppy ears. He carries the broken tusk, goad, noose and mango and is often seen grasping a sweet modaka in his trunk.
  20. Kshipra Ganapati - " Quick Rewarder," presides from a kusha - grass throne. His big belly symbolizes the manifest universe. He holds a noose, goad, tusk, lotus, pomegranate and a twig of the wish-fulfilling tree.
  21. Haridra Ganapati - Golden one dressed in bright yellow vestments, sits calmly on a posh, regal throne. Along with his tusk and a modaka. He wields a noose to hold devotees close and a sharp goad to spur them onward.
  22. Ekadanta Ganpati - "Single Tusk," is distinguished by his blue color and sizable belly. The attributes of this murti are an axe for cutting the bonds of ignorance, prayer beads for japa, a laddu sweet and the broken right tusk.
  23. Srishti Ganapati - Riding on his docile and friendly mouse, Srishti Ganapati is the lord of happy "Manifestation." This active God, of red complexion, holds His noose a goad, a perfect mango, and His tusk, representing selfless sacrifice.
  24. Uddanda Ganapati - "Enforcer of Dharma," the laws of being. His ten hands hold a pot of gems, a blue lily, sugar cane, a mace, lotus flower, sprig of paddy, a pomegranate, noose, garland and his broken tusk.
  25. Rinamochana Ganapati - Humanity's liberator from guilt and bondage. His figure of alabaster skin is appareled in red silks. He bears a noose and a goad, his milk- white tusk and a favorite fruit, the rose apple.
  26. Dhundhi Ganapati - Red-hued Dhundhi Ganapati, the Sought After," holds a strand of rudraksha beads, his broken tusk, an axe and a small pot of precious gems thought to represent the treasury of awakenings. He saves for all ardent devotees.
  27. Dvimukha Ganapati - Dvimukha Ganapati, called Janus by the Romans, with two divergent faces, sees in all directions. His blue-green form is dressed in red silk. He wears a bejeweled crown and holds a noose, goad, his tusk and a pot of gems.
  28. Trimukha Ganapati - Trimukha Ganapati, the contemplative "three-faced" Lord of red hue, sits on a golden lotus, telling his beads, holding a noose, goad and vessel of nectar. He gestures protection with a right hand and blessings with a left.
  29. Sinha Ganapati - Sinha Ganapati, white in color, rides a lion and displays another lion in one hand, symbolizing strength and fearlessness. He also holds a kalpavriksha sprig, the veena, a lotus blossom, flower bouquet and a pot of jewels.
  30. Yoga Ganapati - Yoga Ganapati is absorbed in mantra japa, his knees strapped in meditative pose, hands holding a yoga staff, sugar cane stalk, a noose and prayer beads. His color is like the morning sun. Blue garments adorn His form.
  31. Durga Ganapati - Durga Ganapati, the "Invincible”, waves the flag of victory over darkness. This splendid murti is of deep gold hue, dressed in red, holding a bow and arrow, noose and goad, prayer beads, broken tusk and a rose apple.
  32. Sankatahara Ganapati - Sankatahara Ganapati, "the Dispeller of Sorrow," is of sun like hue, dressed in blue, and seated on a red lotus flower. He holds a bowl of pudding, a goad and a noose while gesturing the boon-granting varada mudra.