Ex-CBI chief says Maulana Azad, Leftists whitewashed Islamic rule

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RAISING QUESTIONS of propriety and service rules, former interim CBI director and serving IPS officer, M Nageswara Rao, claimed on Twitter Saturday that Indian history had been ?distorted? with the ?whitewashing? of ?bloody Islamic invasions/rule? and named previous Education Ministers who ?were in charge of Indian mind space? for 20 ?out of 30 years (1947-77)?. After naming ?Maulana Abul Kalam Azad ? 11 years (1947-58)?; ?Humayun Kabir, M C Chagla & Fakruddin Ali Ahmed ? 4 years (1963-67)?; and, ?Nurul Hassan ? 5 years (1972-77)?, Rao posted: ?Remaining 10 years other Leftists like VKRV Rao.? These lines were part of a series of four slides that Rao posted along with a tweet that started with the line, ?Story of Project Abrahamisation of Hindu Civilization?. He listed six points below: ?1. Deny Hindus their knowledge, 2.Vilify Hinduism as collection of superstitions, 3. Abrahamise Education, 4. Abrahamise Media & Entertainment, 5. Shame Hindus about their identity, 6. Bereft of glue of Hinduism Hindu society dies.?Rao, who is Director-General Home Guards, Fire Services and Civil Defence, and due to retire on July 31, did not provide any further explanation. Service rules for IPS officers specify that they can write articles in publications only for scientific, cultural and literary purposes and must have a disclaimer that the opinions expressed are their personal views. Subsequently, Rao posted Sunday: ?Are we true to our National Motto Satyamev Jayate = Truth alone Triumphs? Mostly NO. Contrarily, we tell blatant lies in the name of political correctness, which we learn early in our education that teaches us bundles of lies. No wonder we are a Nation of Hypocrites, not Triumphers.? When contacted by The Indian Express, Rao said he was ?busy? and would ?get back? but did not despite repeated reminders. Rao was appointed CBI interim director on October 23, 2018, following a turf war between the then director Alok Verma and his deputy Rakesh Asthana. Shortly after taking charge, Rao ordered more than 100 transfers, including that of the investigating officer of the high-profile ICICI Bank loans case a day after the FIR was registered. He was given his current posting in July last year.Rao has had a controversial career with questions over his perceived proximity to Hindutva ideology, and about his wife?s alleged financial transactions with a Kolkata-based trading company. He had denied charges of ?unaccounted money? being held by his family. The first slide Rao posted Saturday had the headline, ?1st phase of Deracination of Hindus?, and the timeline of Education Ministers. Incidentally, Humayun Kabir became Education Minister in 1958 soon after Azad?s death. M C Chagla held the position between 1963 and 1966, and was succeeded by Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, while Saiyid Nurul Hassan was in charge of the portfolio between 1971 and 1977. V K R V Rao was a noted economist from Tamil Nadu who played a key role in establishing the Indian Council of Social Science Research, and went on to become Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, Planning Commission member and Education Minister between 1969 and 1971. In his post, Rao alleged that they were among those who engaged in ?industrial scale distortion of history, negation and whitewashing of bloody Islamic invasions/rule?. His post claimed that roads and public places in Delhi are named after ?invaders?, and that there is ?No mention about Krishna/Pandavas, the original builders of Delhi.?Rao?s post alleged this system patronised pro-Left academics and sidelined pro-Hindu nationalist scholars. Then, it went on to claim that in the 1980s, the opening of ?Ramjanmabhumi gates? and telecast of TV serials such as ?Ramayan and Lav Kush? re-awakened Hindu spirit?. ?The sustained hard work of RSS/VHP could galvanise this Re-Hinduised Hindu society leading to unprecedented growth of the BJP (From 2 MPs in 1982 to 85 in 1989 and 120 in 1991),? the post said. In the 1990s, the post alleged, the second phase of ?deracination of Hindus? started. ?Anti Hindus having understood the process of re-Hinduisation in 1980s, started an intensive and extensive de-Hinduisation of every aspect of public education and instruction,? it said. Rao?s post alleged this started with ?Abrahamisation of NCERT syllabi? with lessons on ?The Central Islamic Lands?, ?Islamic Traditions? and ?Mughal Courts?. This, the post claimed, was followed in the field of art and cinema. ?Cinemas have gone a step ahead by Christo-Islamisation ? one hardly finds Hindu imagery nowadays but Christo-Islamic imagery is in abundance both in lyrics and visuals even though the plot and characters are Hindu,? it said. In January, Rao wrote an article for RSS mouthpiece Organiser where he argued for a complete ban on foreign funding for NGOs in India. In the past few days, he has taken to Twitter in support of a ban on meat exports, and claimed that Hindu-Sanskrit literature was a good source for cinema. He also described certain comedians as ?self-loathing anti-Hindus?.