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1) Our National Anthem is in which Raga? In Hindustani music- Alhia Bilawal Raga. In Karnatak music - Sankarabharanam Raga. Rabindranath Tagore composed the music and sang in this Raga. 2) Time duration of Anthem- 52 seconds. 3) Designer of National flag- Pingali Venkayya from Andhra Pradesh. To design this he learned Japanese Language and read the book on design of National flags. Such is the devotion of our Patriots. 4) Designer of our National Emblem- Dinanath Bhargava in Santhiniketan( Hails from Madhya Pradesh). His Guru is Nandalal Bose. In 1940 Bhargava used to travel daily 100 km by Bus to Zoo, to portray the real posture of a Lion for one month and that is the first photo in the original Constitution copy( First page of Constitution). Credit goes to Dinanath Bhargava for his sincere Hard Work. Please narrate the above to our Grand Children to inculcate the Patriotism. We Salute to All saying JAI HIND!!!