Vaasthu Homam

Puja Description

Homam or havan is the offering of different types of poojas to various deities for fulfillment of
wishes by welcoming the power of Agni, The Fire of God. These are performed to bring peace,
prosperity and success in homes or offices. The Vastu Homam is one such sacrifice performed,
usually before shifting into a new home or office.

Vastu Puja benefits
The Vastu Homam is widely practiced before entering new homes by Hindus mostly. Similar beliefs
are accepted in other parts of the world also by the name of Feng Shui. It is a Japanese term and is
meant for the maintenance of positive forces in your house.

According to Hindus, Vastu is extremely important for any residential structure. It is believed that
the directions have huge impact on our lives and thus, the Vastu Homam is done to please the
direction gods who bless us.

The various rituals performed as a part of this puja have been performed since a long time and each
has a meaning. For example when the lady of the house boils milk till it spills out of the new vessel, it
means prosperity and abundance will always prevail inside the new house.

The rituals performed outside the house, prevents negative energies to enter the house.
When you break coconuts at each door, it means you break negativity and welcome positivity inside
your houses.

Puja Cost

₹ 9,999/- onwards

Puja Material

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