Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Abhishekam

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Abhishekam Description Navagraha Rituals (Pujas) are performed if the situation and movements of the Grahas (planets) are inauspicious,negative in our Kundali/ Horoscope. Significance To remove Navagraha Dosham, Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Abhishekam is performed based on our horoscope.This is generally performed on an auspicious day based on the janma nakshatra. Main Deity: Navagrahas (Nine Planets).Nava Dhaniyams (Nine grains) are the main ingredients. When to Perform Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Abhishekam? The date can be fixed according to one?s nakshatra and thithi of that particular date forperforming homam. Benefits of Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Abhishekam: Navagraha dosha nivarana abhishekam protects one from their Graha doshas that are present in their horoscopesthereby reducing the malefic effects of the badly placed planets. The Navagraha dosha nivarana abhishekam also cures any type of health problems and any type of troubles or illnesses.This abhishekam protects us from all our troubles and sufferings. One shall be blessed with a happy lifeand positivity in life. The Navagraha dosha nivarana abhishekam is also a powerful remedy for a person?s graha dosha present in his/herhoroscope that had been causing lots of problems like late marriage, delayed child birth, financiallosses, frequent illness etc. This abhishekam also provides relief from drishti and negative energy. The Navagraha dosha nivarana abhishekam gives one a great boost in their career life and helps one succeedprofessionally.

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