Marriage Packages

Puja Description

Marriage: There are many rituals as a part of the marriage: Snathakam: Snathakam is a ceremony that is performed at the Bridegroom's home before the muhurtham of marriage. During this ritual, the groom is made to wear a holy thread. Managala gouri Puja: This puja is dedicated to Goddess gowri or Parvati. This puja is believed to bring good will, prosperity and long life. It is performed for good health and long life of their husbands Pada Prakshalana: The groom's feet is washed by the bride's parents. During the marriage ceremony, the groom is considered to be Vishnu murthy. Jeela karra Bellam: This ritual signifies the union of the boy and the girl during the marriage. The thick mixture pastes of jeelakarra and bellam are put on a betel leaf and the bride and groom shall put it on each other's head. Mangalya Dharana: The tying of the Thali or the Mangal sutra at the auspicious time set is called as Mangalya dharana. Three knots are tied by the groom to the bride's neck. In some instances, the groom's sister ties the two knots after the first knot from the groom to welcome her to the family Talambralu: Talambralu is Rice is mixed with turmeric, saffron and pearls. Talambralu is showered on each other by the bride and the groom. This ritual is performed after the knot is tied. It symbolizes couple's life to be filled with happiness and prosperity Kanyadhaanam: This is the process where the bride (Kanya) is handed over to the groom's family. The bride's father puts the right hand of the daughter into the right hand of the groom. Arundhathi Nakshatram: Arundhathi who is the wife of Sage Vashishta is known for her loyalty and devotion to her husband. Arundhathi is believed to become a star in the sky. Post the wedding, the groom takes the bride out and shows her the Arundhati star

Puja Material

Material Name Units
Pasupu 100 gm
Kumkuma 1/4 kg
Gandham dabba 1
Vatthulu 1 packet
Aggi Petta 1 packet
Vadlu 1 bag
Biyyamu 25 kg
Ariveni Kundalu 2
Gariga Buddi 1
Gariga Buddi 1
Vistharaakulu 1 katta
Dhaaravundalu 2
Nalla Vakkalu 1/2 kg
Kharjuralu 1/2 kg
Pasupu Kommulu 1/2 kg
Endu Kudukulu 5 kg
Bhaashingaalu 1 pair
Araka Thera 1
Chembu 1
Thaamboolamu 1
Batuvu 1
Jeelakarra Bellam 100 gm
Saana Raayi 1
Saana Raayi 1
Kaadi 1
Manchi Neyyi 1/4kg
Mangala Sutram 1
Mettalu 1 pair
Nagabali Manthalu 4
Bomma 1
Jacket Mukkalu 16
Thella Batta 5 metres
Thera Batta 1
Chekkara 2 kg
Bukka 1/4 kg
Gulalu 1/4 kg
Attharu 1
Panneeru 1
Sunnam Dabba 1 box
Odi Biyyam As Required
Thalambraalu Biyyamu As Required
Kaatuka Dabbalu As Required
Dhuvvenalu As Required
Addhaalu small As Required
Peetalu 2
Carpet 1
Vidi Puvvulu 1/4 kg
Poola maala 4 metres
Thamalapaakulu 100
Aavu paalu 1/4 kg
Perugu 1/4 ltr
Peetalu 2
Mangala Harathi Pallemu 2
Bindhe 1
Besinlu 4
Traylu 4
Rokali 1
Isurralu 2
Kundhena 1
Katnalu Required
Baava Maridhi Katnam As required
Ungaraalu As required
Agarbattis 50 gms
Pasupu Kommulu 100 gm
Kobbari Kudukulu 1/2 kg
Ragi Chembu 1
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