Puja Description

Saraswati devi is the Goddess of wealth, intelligence and wisdom. She is the companion of Lord Brahma who is the god of arts and wisdom. By performing this Puja, people are blessed with excellence in studies, arts and career. The puja shall bestow success and knowledge in individual’s life. The Puja removes all stress and pressure related to the professional and educational aspects. Amla is the primary ingredient used in the naivedyam. The chantings of Saraswati mantra are performed during the puja.


Performed to bestow wisdom and knowledge

Increases the mental ability to excel

Bestows success in professional and academic aspects

Generally performed on Panchami Thithi

When to Perform this Puja?

The puja is performed on any of the panchamis. Vasant Panchami and navratris are considered the auspicious time to perform the saraswati puja.

Advantages of this Puja:

Excellence in professional and academic life

Grants wisdom in the fields of art and music

Increases the memory, concentration and will power

Eradicates all the obstacles in the path of our success

Puja Material

Material Name Units
pasupu 5 grams
pasupu 50 gm
kumkuma 50 gm
astha gandam 1 pacoket
agaravativlu 1 pacoket
harati karpuram 20 gm
nuvula nune 1/4litre
vatulu 1 pacoket
aggi pete 1
biyam 3 kg
vakalu 20 gm
tene 50 gm
chekara 1/4 kg
neyi 20 gm
rupayi bilalu 11
dopalu 1 pacoket
daram banti 1
notebook pen 10+10
palaka balapam 10+10
kobbari kayalu 2
avvu palu 1/4 litre
perugu 1/4 litre
puvulu 1/4 kg
puvulu 1/4 kg
tamala pakulu 50
arati pandlu 1 dozen
5 rakala pandlu each 2
mitayi dabba 1/4 kg
deepapu kandulu 2
ganta,harati palem 1+1
neela bindalu 1
neela bindalu 1
neela bindalu 1
neela bindalu 1
neela bindalu 1
tambalalu 1
ginlu,gartitelu 1+1
tambalalu 1
glasulu,chembulu 1+1
panchapatra udrna 1+1
kaatera 1
peetalu chapalu 2+2
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