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Bathukamma is one of the vibrant festivals in Telangana. It is generally celebrated by the Women during the Monsoon. Women worship Shakti form of Gowri devi or Gowramma. This is the season where wild flowers bloom in various colors. Some of the flowers are Tangedu, Gunuka, Banthi, Chamanthi, etc. Bathukamma is celebrated for Nine days. During the evenings, Women gather in large numbers, form a circle around Bathukamma and sing folk songs by clapping their hands. Women pray for health, peace and prosperity for their families.

Based on the Naivedyams offered to the Goddess on each day, Bathukamma is named accordingly:

First day- Engili Pula Bathukamma

Also known as Pethara Amavasya falls on Mahalaya Amavasya. Naivedyam offered are: Nuvvulu (sesame seeds) with Biyyampindi (rice flour) or Nookalu (broken rice)

Second day- Atukula Bathukamma

It falls on the first day of Ashwayuja masam also known as Padyami. Naivedyam offered are: Sappidi pappu (boiled lentils), Bellam (jaggery) and Atkulu (flattened rice).

Third day- Muddapappu Bathukamma:

Celebrated on the second day of Ashwayuja Masam also known as Vidiya. Naivedyam offered are: Muddapappu (boiled lentils), Palu (milk) and Bellam (jaggery)

Fourth day- Nanabiyyam Bathukamma

Falls on third day of Ashwayuja maasam also known as thidiya. Naivedyam offered are: Nanesina biyyam( wet rice), Paalu (milk) and bellam (jaggery)

Fifth day- Atla Bathukamma

Celebrated on the fourth day of Ashwayuja masam also known as chathurdhi. Naivedyam offered are: Pindi atlu ( Wheat pan cakes) or Dosa

Sixth day- Aligina Bathukamma

Celebrated on the fifth day of Ashwayuja masam also known as Panchami. No naivedyam is offered in this day

Seventh day- Vepakayala Bathukamma

Celebrated on the sixth day of Ashwayuja masam also known as Sashti. Naivedyam offered are: Rice flour is shaped in the form of Neem tree and deep fried.

Eight day- Vennamuddala Bathukamma

Celebrated on the seventh day of Ashwayuja masam also known as Sapthami. Naivedyam offered are: Venna (butter), Neyyi (ghee) and bellam (jaggery)

Ninth day- Saddula Bathukamma

Celebrated on the eighth day of Ashwayuja masam also known as Ashtami. It also falls on the same day as Durgashtami. Naivedyam offered are: Perugannam (curd rice), Chintha pandu pulihora (tamarind rice), Nimmakaya saddi ( Lemon rice), Nuvvula saddi ( sesame rice) and kobbari saddi (coconut rice).